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P1060318 B&Wdella jane: 34 months // baby belly: 33 weeks

Today as I left my bi-monthly OB appointment – soon to switch to weekly! – I realized how little time I have left with my little sidekick. It’s been just her and I, all day, everyday, for the past three years. Three years! In those years gone by we’ve shared a bond I can’t even begin to explain. This girl has given my life a purpose. A purpose I never knew could fill my heart with so much joy. She is my number one priority and a “job” that can never be replaced.

She’ll always be my first born. And my one and only daughter.

I get a lump in my throat just thinking about how the change of adding a baby to our lives will rock her world. I’m anxious for her to meet her baby brother and I know she’ll be the most caring and loving big sister, but I’m holding on ever so tightly to these last days of just her and I.P1060323

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