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Today we decided it was a good day to let our creative juices flow and paint! Della picked out a cute little bird house to decorate and I had a project I’d been wanting to try out with her up my sleeve.

P1060269I think her birdhouse is the perfect addition to our Easter inspired table toppers!

P1060255And now onto the more time consuming (but fun!) project… A chevron painted canvas. I saw this on Hey Lauren Rene and thought it’d be a great activity Della and I could work on together. It looked simple enough, and all I needed to pick up was a blank canvas – I had all the other components at home. All you need is a canvas the size of your choice, painters tape, acrylic paint, sponges, scissors, and a ruler if you’re going to be precise. (Obviously I wasn’t – ha!)

So, yeah… I think I need a “How to Tape-Off a Chevron Pattern for Dummies” manual. Boy was THAT hard! Seriously. Our pattern’s not nearly as straight or perfect as Laurens, but I’m happy with the outcome nonetheless. It’s our kind of perfect 😉

P1060261I decided to go over the tape with a little flat white paint before sponging on the blue to help any bleeding that may occur. It kind of worked, but some of the blues still bled through the tape a bit. I can always go back with a tiny detail brush and some more of the flat white in the future, but for today, it’s good enough for me!

P1060262Now here’s where Della gets to join in – she had the fun part! I let her dab away with all the different shades of blue until the entire canvas was covered.

P1060266 P1060267 P1060277Like I said, it’s definitely not perfect, but it’s a little piece of art that Della and I worked on together and that is what I love most about it!

Amy, xo.