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2-13-13Today it’s just me and her from when we woke up until bedtime because Daddy’s working late. We did a little shopping this morning where she picked out an obnoxiously large bubblegum lollipop, and then we spent the rest of our morning at the library for story time and playing.

She’s becoming so independent lately (as if she wasn’t already!) She won’t let me do ANYTHING without trying to do it herself first. If I say, “Can I help you?” forget about it. I might as well have told her “No.” Sheesh! She can now use the toilet all by herself from start to finish. Pulling down her pants + undies, to getting up to the potty, to washing her hands afterwards. She also HAS to put the toothpaste on her toothbrush all by herself, even though 9 times out of 10 she comes pouting to me because it won’t come out. It really amazes me how you can ask them to try something, but until they’re ready, they won’t do it on their own. Apparently this week she’s ready for it all! It’s a bit frustrating at times being the control freak that I am, but I’m really trying to be flexible.

No matter how how many times I want to pull my hair out though, she really is the sweetest thing and her cuteness just kills me these days. Why do they grow up so quickly?!

Amy, xo.