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P1060105A year ago today, we started potty training Della and I’m thrilled to announce as of tomorrow, she’s been PULL-UP FREE (!!!) for three whole weeks without any accidents! Ya know what that means, right?! She’s completely potty trained!

Back in August, she was only relying on pull-ups during naps and bedtime – so, within 6 short months she learned to use the potty regularly. I still can’t believe how quickly it all came to her and how well she’s done since the beginning. I don’t even need to ask her to go anymore – she’s very independent about it and let’s us know when she needs to go. She’s so funny about *ahem*… #2, too… Every time she has to go she requests, (okay, more like demands) “a magazine! get out and shut da door!”

This couldn’t have come at a better time as we prepare for Baby Brother. I’m so thankful we’ll only have one in diapers and we can now invest our pull-ups budget into diapers for the little guy. What a relief!

So proud of my ever-changing and growing little lady!

Amy, xo.