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28 WeeksWelcome third trimester! We’re in the homestretch, people. [Insert big sigh of relief here.] Don’t get me wrong, I love this pregnancy and the anticipation of meeting our little guy, but I’m so ready for jeans without elastic waistbands and tops that actually fit. And, in just 12 (give or take – please dear Lord don’t let this child be late like his sister!) short weeks those trivial things will be in clear view and we’ll be meeting our sweet little man.

I had my monthly OB appointment this morning – which now switches to every two weeks, yowza! – and everything looked great. I took my gluclose test on Wednesday and was stressing that the results wouldn’t be good but it turns out my blood sugar level is actually on the low end of the spectrum. A “healthy” or “normal” blood sugar level is around 100 and mine came in at 84. The doctor said I may feel dizzy or get light-headed because of this, but just be aware of it and drink some juice or eat a little snack. It won’t effect the baby at all which is all I needed to hear! Maybe this is why I constantly crave all those sweet treats and desserts?! It’s a nice excuse to indulge, isn’t it 😉 My weight gain is back on track at my normal 4 pounds/month and I’m weighing in at a whopping 150 even.

Baby Brother is constantly moving and reminding me that he is in fact a non-stop and rambunctious boy. I’ve had some leg cramps and sore shins if I stand for too long recently and my feet have started the dreaded swelling process… I really don’t remember swelling until I was much further along with Della. Oh the joys! Other than that, Baby Brother and I are doing just fine and I’m anxious for April. 12 more weeks… 12 more weeks… 12 more weeks…

Amy, xo.