P105096325 weeks down, 15 more to go.

I had my monthly OB appointment yesterday morning and was not-so pleasantly surprised by the weigh-in results. This is probably the most difficult part of pregnancy for me – gaining weight. I know it’s obviously a necessity when growing a baby, but seeing that scale increase every month really gets to me. I need to give myself a daily reminder that it’s good for the baby and not something to dwell over right now.
During the holidays I let myself enjoy any (and every) thing I wanted, but I’ve made a personal goal to get back into the habit of making sure I’m giving this baby the best nutrients I can, while being more aware of my snacking. I never (and I mean NEVER) drank soda pre-pregnancy, and that has become my guilty pleasure these last couple of months that I really need to kick. Sweets have always been a weakness for me as well, and with the mentality of “I’m only gonna get bigger…” I find myself indulging more than usual.

Besides my struggle with weight gain, everything else has been pretty easy-going at this point. I’ve had a couple more instances of really sharp pelvic pain, but after some research, it’s seems pretty normal. Just my body preparing for birth, I guess!

Dan worked on Baby Brother’s room this past week when he was off of work and I’m SO HAPPY with the results. We (okay, Dan…) also set up the crib, changing table, and glider so it’s more of a nursery now and not just a pretty painted room 🙂 Dan and I both keep sneaking in, walking around, rocking on the glider… daydreaming of our little guy.

As for cravings, I haven’t had anything recently that I just “have to have!” I’m still eating oranges any chance I get and I recently found these Cara Cara oranges that I’m loving. They’re so pretty when you cut them up, too!
Ramen noodles have also been added to my “I could eat this and never tire of it” list. Random, but so good.

I wanted to document my growing bump a couple weeks ago and took a few maternity shots at home. I forgot to post them earlier, so here are just a few…

P1050497 B&W P1050500 B&W P1050500 P1050506Amy, xo.