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Call me crazy, but I’m seriously considering ditching Della’s afternoon naps. Also note: This is my desperate cry for help. ::HELP!::

Della’s been giving us a pretty hard time at bed time lately. But first, before I dive into that, let me give you a little back story on her sleep in general: She’s always been an incredible sleeper – I’m talkin’ since 6 weeks old. Sleeping through the night at 12 hour (or more!) stretches. We’ve had the occasional “sleep regressions” – one that was specifically rough at about 18 months old when we were transitioning from two to one nap, but other than that, she’s such a great sleeper. She goes down for her naps without question and sleeps for 3 hours (THREE!) …still, at over 2 1/2 years old. We switched her over into a Big Girl bed when we moved to our new house back in February – she had a little trouble adjusting to that, which we totally expected, but it didn’t last long and she’s been fine ever since, but lately – oh, lately! She’s been taking FOR.EV.ER to go down at night. Her bedtime’s at 8PM, which she never seems “tired” for, but at that point in the evening, we’re all wearing thin and it’s just… time. It started off a couple weeks ago where she would take hours (like 2-3) for her to finally fall asleep. No crying. No whining. Just tossing and turning. Talking. Calling for me, but after I’d give her a kiss and tuck her back in, she’d roll around some more, quietly. She’s been waking up in the middle of night, saying she’s scarred. Dan or I would talk to her about it and she’d usually (usually!) fall back to sleep in her own bed. But now? Now… it’s pure tears and terror. She says she’s scarred. She wants me to sleep in her bed with her or she wants to “snuggle in momma and daddy’s bed” and if that doesn’t happen, just forget it. More tears and absolutely no intention of falling asleep. We tried a night-light. Didn’t work. Honestly, if anything, it kept her up longer because she could see all her books and toys in her bedroom. Now she will only calm down if we give in to her request and sleep with her (which, I have to say – I’ve been doing because I need my sleep too!)

So, here comes my theory on ditching the nap. She doesn’t ever seem tired or sleepy enough in the afternoon for a nap, I just put her down for one out of pure routine. She doesn’t complain and will still take about a 2 1/2 to 3 hour nap. I’m thinking if we get rid of it all together, she’ll be so exhausted at night that she’ll inevitably have to fall asleep, right? Right??

When did your toddlers stop taking naps? I always imagined she’d take one – even if it was only a half hour or simply relaxing in her room for “quiet time” with some books – until she went to kindergarten. Is that crazy talk? Is that totally unrealistic? Is my theory on no naps absurd? I just feel so defeated and out of our norm because we’re so used to her being such a great sleeper, I don’t know what our next plan of action should be…

So again, HELP!

Amy, xo.