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P1050635Today our little advent calendar had a sweet activity on the agenda – make homemade fudge! I found this recipe from Family Fun Magazine and decided to give it a try for our upcoming cookie swap this Saturday. And yes, I know, fudge isn’t a cookie – ya gotta switch it up a bit now and then, ya know? Give ’em the unexpected ūüėČ

Della gladly helped with unwrapping the millions of peppermints (and even snuck a few for herself – the little trickster!) and then of course sprinkled on the crushed peppermint before we popped the fudge in the fridge to cool. Anytime a recipe calls for “sprinkling,” Della’s your girl! It turned out great and was so easy to make. Only three main ingredients, too! I highly¬†recommend¬†giving it a try.P1050621

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P1050631Amy, xo.