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The wait is over – all our family and closest friends know the big secret…



Oh how I wish I could’ve recorded Dan’s expression when the ultrasound tech announced “It’s a boy!” His face was priceless and is definitely one that will permanently remain in my memory bank. (And it was very obvious that there’s no mistaking there’s a little boy in there!) We were both pretty confident that we’d follow in Dan’s father’s footsteps: We’d have all the girls, and his sisters would have all the boys – well, that philosophy sure didn’t last long because we’ll be welcoming a sweet little guy into our family this spring. Gah!, I really still don’t believe it. I don’t think I’ll fully grasp the idea of having a son (a SON!) until I meet him for the very first time.

To say I’m totally and completely excited without a hint of nervousness or worry is not true whatsoever. I’m scared. I’m anxious. I’m definitely nervous. But! I’m also so excited to see this new dynamic of our family. A big sister. A little brother. One of each. All four of us. I really couldn’t be happier.

Also? Boy clothes? Just as irresistible as sweet little polka dots and ruffles! I’ve already started a stash of stripes, solids, and every shade of heather gray for this little fella.

A BOY! We are so overly thrilled.

Amy, xo.