20 weeks 2We’re half-way, folks! …and 1 day shy of finding out the gender of this little summersault expert. Tomorrow’s the big day! We finally find out if we’ll be unpacking pink this spring, or adding a bit more blue to the Chandlee household. To be honest, I’m so unsure of what it’ll be, I just have my fingers crossed for a healthy and growing baby. (Although, I’m pretty confident about the growing part… just check out that bump!) Dan mentioned on our car ride home last night that he thinks it’s a girl, but is secretly hoping for a boy. Only one more sleep and we’ll know for sure.

I have a little craft and special way of announcing the gender to family and close friends, so y’all will just have to wait to find out until everyone receives their card in the mail this week …oh, the suspense! 😉

I’ve been feeling great lately, other than the occasional cramp or two here and there. One afternoon last week they were pretty bad, but as soon as I chugged some water and hung out on the couch, off my feet, they seemed to subside. I think it’s all those jabs and summersaults going on in there!

My weight gain is increasing at a rate I’m totally and completely embarrassed about. But, purely for recording purposes… I think I’m up to 139 now? (Total gain: 17 pounds) Big sigh. I’m still loving Dr. Pepper, but have cut down a lot thanks to my sensible husband – it’s just so hard for me to enjoy drinking water. Christmas cookies (and any, okay… EVERY pastry from the bakery mom works at) have become at the top of my cravings list. I feel like such a bottom-less pit lately.

I’ve been getting really exhausted around lunch time and almost always need to take a little cat nap to make it through the day. I thought I was supposed to get my energy back in the second trimester?!

Well, there’s the run-down for now. Think happy thoughts and send lots of healthy prayers our way tomorrow morning!

Amy, xo.