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So, I haven’t been very consistent with these “bump updates”… go figure. What was the last one? 12 weeks? Whoops. I’m trying to be better at it because I know once I pop out this little bee I’ll be upset I didn’t document more.

Here we are, 18 weeks. 2 weeks shy of half way (!!!) and our gender-reveal ultrasound. I can’t really tell if I feel like this pregnancy is flying by or going in slow motion. I initially thought it was taking FOR… EV… ER to get through the first trimester, but now that the half way mark is quickly approaching, I have a feeling the second half of this pregnancy is going to fly by. We shall see!

We finally have both of our names picked out! (Phew! was that boy name a hard one to figure out!) One for a girl. One for a boy. I’m in love with them both and I can’t hardly wait to see which one we’ll be calling this little babe. I still have a gut feeling that it’s a boy, but when I day dream of having two littles in the house, I picture two girls. (Wishful thinking?!) 15 more days and we’ll know for sure!

My most recent cravings have been Dr. Pepper and orange slices. I can’t seem to get enough of them! Thankfully I found caffeine-free DP at Target and am indulging probably more than I’d like to admit. But hey! It’s caffeine-free so that’s a total plus, right?! While we’re on the subject of food… My weight gain is healthy, but always a shocking number to see on the scale. I’m at 135 (which means I’ve gained a total of 13 pounds these last 18 weeks.)

And movement! Oh the movement! I finally started feeling little flutters and flicks around 16 weeks. Very subtle, but noticeable. I feel them a lot more regularly now, especially at night or in the morning when I’m laying in bed. Dan can’t feel them quite yet, so I’m excited for that day.

We’re heading home to Pennsylvania on Wednesday for Thanksgiving – I love this time of year so much! Definitely planning on indulging in all of the yumminess that comes with two separate dinners in one day – one advantage to being pregnant during the holidays!

Amy, xo.