Can we just sit in awe together and stare at my beautiful daughter while I let the fact that I have a TWO AND A HALF YEAR OLD sink in?

I realized recently that I haven’t really kept up with updating on all the changes and milestones this little lady is achieving. She’s becoming her own little person with the vocabulary of… well, way beyond a two year old (in my opinion) and she’s just the most curious little thing – SO DARN independent, it scares me. Sometimes (okay, most of the time…) I have to remind myself that she is in fact only two and a half, because I’m always treating her like a girl way beyond her years.

She sleeps in a twin bed (without a binky, may I had! – a HUGE accomplishment for all three of us!) Can take off her clothes but prefers someone else help her to get dressed. Puts her dirty clothes into her own little hamper in her closet before bath. Can hold full-on conversations with you, and she comes up with the most hilarious responses to your questions. The other day, Dan was telling me how she asked him to watch Shrek. He was hesitant I’m assuming, because her response to him was, “Com’on Dad, it’ll be gweat!” We were at my parent’s a few weeks ago and Della was flipping through a magazine at the kitchen table with my mom – My mom pointed out something and was explaining it to Della. Her response? “That’s intesting.” I have no idea where she comes up with these expressions and words, but oh dear Lord I hope she keeps it up. So much cuteness!

She is THE pickiest eater. Yes, my daughter who was shoveling in raw spinach only months ago, now refuses to eat anything green, anything in the vegetable food group in general really (with the exception of cucumbers WITHOUT – God forbid! – the skin), anything mashed, grilled, or not dipped in some form of condiment. If she doesn’t like it her excuse is, “It spicy.” though, the majority of the time there’s not even salt on the kid’s food. She eats peanut butter and jelly EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for lunch. My friends, if you couldn’t tell by her appearance, this will surely explain everything: She is her father’s daughter. Thankfully she loves fruit and will try almost any kind. Dinner is a constant struggle, but we make her eat whatever we’re having for dinner because, well, that’s the rule we’ve decided to follow and I am most certainly not a short-order cook. I’m hoping this pickiness will subside and she’ll start to enjoy more flavors and food that we eat on a regular basis. The girl will never turn down a big ol’ bowl of mac-n-cheese or slice of pizza though.

She’s become quite bossy and we have to talk to her almost every day about her tone of voice and the way she responds to Dan or I. Uh, is she 12 or 2?! I question that daily.

She’s 30 lbs. and 36 inches tall. 3 feet?! Seems like such a little person and not so much a baby anymore. My sweet baby is turning into such a beautiful little girl.

Amy, xo.