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I’ve been married to this handsome guy for three years today. This past year we found ourselves moving to a new state away from all of our family, friends, and familiarity. Dan started not only his career, but a new job. We moved out of our very first home and into yet another first… Our first place as homeowners. We struggled with a lot of misfortune and pain this past spring and then our spirits were lifted when we found out we’d be welcoming a new baby in our lives.

Ever since we met, our path together has been non-stop and full speed ahead, with so many changes and exciting adventures in store. I can’t imagine experiencing this life with anyone else but you, honey, and I’m so thankful to say all of these “firsts” have been by your side.

Happy three years! I know the years to come can only hold many more great things for our little family.

I love you!