Well ladies & gents, I’m so pleased to tell you that Miss Della has mastered the art of potty training! We haven’t had any day-time accidents since, well… I can’t remember when, but we’re still working on bedtime. We started encouraging her to use the potty well over a year ago now, but on February 10th of this year, we started training in full-force with the naked, bare-bottomed method. Since that day, we’ve had really positive feedback from Della. She was thrilled to get “special treats” for pooping and was really responsive to her big girl undies. Now I can’t say we didn’t have our set-backs and our daily struggles (boy did we ever!) but looking back, the girl basically guided herself and in 5 (5!!!) short months, we don’t even have to remind her or ask her if she needs to go anymore – she tells us or just heads to the bathroom on her own. So proud of this smart little bug!

So here’s my question for all you experienced potty training mommas – how do I get her to understand the idea of holding it during the night? Is this something they just gradually learn on their own? HELP! Some mornings she’ll wake up completely dry, other’s the bed is soaked. I remind her to “Tell Mommy & Daddy if you need to pee” or “try to hold it if you can!” – she understands and reiterates both of these requests to me, but is this just something we have no control over? Does it happen naturally over time?

At 27 months, my baby seems so mature – I really couldn’t be more honored to be her momma …now when do the tantrums stop?! 😉

Amy, xo.