(From left to right.)

(1) Modeling her new “Cinderdelly” dress from Nanny. Dress-ups and heels are a new love affair. (2) Fresh peach coffee cake!

(3) Sunday baking with my naked helper. (4) Tried a new hairstyle this weekend to attempt to keep my crazy hair out of my face. Tutorial: here.

(5) Could this girl possibly be any cuter?! I mean, really… (6) Aunt Erinn sent us tons of workbooks to get Della’s schoolin’ started this fall.

(7) Close-up of the new color combo on the house. (8) Just a little morning ‘Peek-a-Boo!’

(9) Luna and new friend, Stella, snuggling after an afternoon of playing. (10) Della’s “chore.” She loves sorting out the clean silver from the dishwasher. No complaining here!

Amy, xo.