We added a new member to our family this past Saturday – meet Miss Luna, our 8 month old Blue Pit Bull! We’d been visiting our local Humane Society for a couple weeks just checking out the dogs and pups; taking a few out to play. We fell in love with our Luna right after she was brought to the shelter. She wasn’t available for adoption and we couldn’t take her our to play until she had been evaluated. We went home and couldn’t stop thinking about her, wondering if she was still there and eager to find out if she’d get along well with Della. We went back to the shelter a few weeks later to find her still there (yay!) and able to play. She connected with us instantly, but we decided to think things over at home before jumping into adoption. Again, she was constantly on our minds and we couldn’t leave her there any longer!

She has been a dream pup since we brought her home with us! She’s 98% housebroken and getting more and more used to her crate daily. We’re struggling to find a food that she’ll eat (and that’s not full of corn and meat by-product!) but we think we’re on the right track. She’s playful and easily excitable, but for the most part is the most laid-back, relaxed dog I’ve ever seen. The vet passed her with flying colors at her check-up on Monday and thinks she’ll only gain about another 10-15 pounds.

She’s been such a blessing to us especially since we lost my childhood dog, Ellie, this past week, too. We are so happy to have her home with us and she’s fitting in just fine 🙂

Amy, xo.