(From left to right)

(1) Strollin’ to the park in her pink skinnies. (2) Della pulled all my aprons out of the cabinet last night and I threw one on – almost forgot how fun they can be! Especially cute ones 😉

(3) Vegetable curry with broiled shrimp. Dan high-fived me after we ate. I asked him why? His respone: “Curry night is over!” Ha! The man isn’t a fan. (4) Della taking a little “rice bath” outside one evening.

(5) Catching up on her celebrity gossip while she uses the potty. Closing the door and giving her a magazine to read is a MUST nowadays when it’s potty time. (6) My homemade almond cherry tart.

(7) (More) proof that I have the very best husband. I woke up to coffee on my bedside table and a laughing Della playing with her Daddy Saturday morning. (8) Della’s shoe choice to our quick trip to Target. Such a silly girl, she is.

(9) Sunday snoozin’ in the car on the way to church with her shades on. (10) A snuggled up Della girl staying cool in the A/C on Momma and Daddy’s bed.

(11) Bubbles on the Fourth of July! (12) Loving the pool with her Great-GrandPoppy while we were visting home.

(13) Fourth of July sweeties and one of my new favorite pictures of Della and I. (14) My handsome man while we enjoyed lunch outside on Main Street.

(15) Strutin’ around the house in her undies and heels. Oh this girl makes my heart so happy. (16) Just enjoying the summer afternoon on the deck in her kiddie pool.

Amy, xo.