I thought I’d keep track of some of the meals we’ve been experimenting with in our new adventures of eating meat (and somewhat dairy) free. I wanted to document the ones we’ve liked the most and hopefully inspire some of you to jump on the bandwagon, too! Here are our favorites from this past week:

Recipe and my orginial post here.

Inspiration and similar recipe can be found here. (I just sautéed butternut squash and kale in EVOO and garlic and served it over store bought gnocchi with a sprinkle of parm – super easy and SO GOOD.)

Recipe can be found here. 1:2 thumbs up on this one. The burgers were super flavorful and tasty, but were a bit annoying to prepare and fry in the skillet. I’ll probably play around with the recipe on the next go-around.

Inspiration and original recipe can be found here. I substituted salmon for the tuna. One cooked fillet is the perfect amount for two people. A very simple and light dinner for a hot night when you don’t feel like throwing together much. I’ll definitely be making this again!


I’d love to hear any vegetarian meals you’ve recently tried and loved. We’re finding out that we’re not always as “fulfilled” after these meals and are snacking on bowls of cereal and english muffins at 8PM as a result. Send some hearty and satisfying ideas my way, friends!

Amy, xo.