We spent Della’s actual birthday at The National Zoo in DC. This was our second attempt at checking this place out (we tried once before in the middle of spring break on a 75 degree day – no parking within a 5 mile radius…) but Monday couldn’t have been more perfect. It was overcast and cool with little to no crowds. Unfortunately a couple of the exhibits weren’t open (including the pandas – my favorite!) but there was just enough for Della to get her first real taste of what the zoo is all about. She particularly liked all the cats – lions, tigers, and cheetahs; and even picked out a little stuffed cheetah baby to take home with her.

Della’s favorite: The Cheetahs!

Obviously Della wasn’t thrilled of her mother’s typical tourist, “must-capture-everything-on-camera” request.

She passed out on our walk to lunch, so we strolled the streets of DC until we found a pub amongst some of the most perfect houses in a quaint little neighborhood – made me daydream of city living! We stopped for some burgers and fries, then picked up a cupcake for the birthday girl. Del woke up just in time to make a quick stop at the playground before we ventured back into Virginia.

She keeps asking for “Happy Birthday” so I think it’s safe to say she enjoyed every minute of turning two.

Amy, xo.