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Well, I thought it was about that time again to share another room from our new home. With our new roof in place, things are slowly but surely coming together and I can happily daydream about the end result – which I can only hope will be here in no time!

I’m giving you a little sneak into our laundry room today because honestly, it’s really the only other room that’s probably not changing anytime soon. I had planned on showing you Della’s room (which I love more and more everyday!) but we have one more small addition to add to it that we’re working on which definitely deserves attention, so you’ll just have to wait a bit longer for that one 😉

When we first looked at this house I just love, love, LOVED that it had a laundry room. A room, on the first level, just big enough to house the necessities, yet keep everything organized and out of the way.

(1) Dan hung a shelf above the washer and dryer for easy access to all my laundering needs, however I wasn’t thrilled with the appearance so I decided to hang a curtain up – still just as easy to access, but much more pleasing to look at 🙂 (2) I now have a full-sized ironing board that I can LEAVE OPEN 24/7, so when the mood strikes (never) I can easily iron. I was using one of those tabletop boards for the longest time; just setting it up where ever I could: The kitchen table. The living room floor. Anywhere and everywhere, really. So yeah… not convenient. And ya’ll knooooow how I feel about ironing as it is. (3) I have a nice little caddy for all of my “I need you, but I don’t know where to put you” items. Again, not the prettiest site, but super functional and much more convenient than the set-up I had in our rental. And lastly, (4) my very promising but complete bust of a handy detergent dispenser. I stumbled upon what I thought was a clever idea on Pinterest, found some glass drink dispensers on sale! at Target, filled ’em up and was really excited about it… until I actually used them. The detergent leaks out of the spout for about 5 minutes after you’ve closed it and it even started leaking out around the part where the spout is attached to the glass. Totally bummed about that. I think I’ll just use the rest of the detergent in them and hope I can clean them out enough to at least use them for drinks? We’ll see!

I’m just loving how this place is really starting to feel like “ours”!

Amy, xo.