Okay, guys! Lots of little but exciting things to look forward to this weekend. For starters, it’s supposed to be 73 degrees on Saturday and 84 (yes! EIGHTY FOUR DEGREES!) on Sunday.  Happy dance! – the beautiful weather has returned to us!

Also, Dan and I finally committed to letting one of our neighbor girls come over tomorrow night to babysit Della while we take a much needed night out together. This is a HUGE step for us. Up until about 6 months ago, the only people who watched Della were strictly family members and a few (and I mean few, like… one) of my close friends. I became pretty close with our neighbor lady at Pine Grove when we moved to Virginia – plus, Della was a little obsessed with her – so she would help us out from time to time, but this is our first time letting an actual babysitter (think: teenager) watch her. I’m nervous, but when the sisters came over to introduce themselves when we first moved in, Della couldn’t get enough of them and they connected right away. I feel good about it, and since we don’t have family and friends close by, I know this will just have to become a new normal for us. Oh, and helllllo! I get some one-on-one time out of the house with my honey. Yes, please!

As if that weren’t enough stuff to get me excited (’cause you know it totally is!) I start a part-time job again. Tomorrow morning I’ll be joining a small team of folks at a local winery. Basically the same thing I was doing in Loudoun County over the fall, but this winery is much smaller and has only been open for a year. It’s owned by a cute older couple who retired and wanted to own their own winery – why not, right?! I’ll be helping out on Saturdays and Sundays when they need me – doing pourings in their tasting room. Like any other time I’ve started a new job since Della was born, I get super hesitant right up until the second I walk in the door and I question whether or not it’ll be worth it. I love my weekends at home with my guy and gal! But… It’s two days a week; 5 hours a day-MAX. And let’s get real, I need to get out of this house by myself once and awhile. Deep down, I know it’ll be good for all three of us and now I’ll have a little extra cash in my pocket for all my trips to Target 😉

And lastly, our roof should be finished by Sunday – Monday, at the very latest! I’m looking forward to a quiet house again plus! we’ll be one step closer to making this house what we’ve had pictured in our heads since we first saw it. Oh, and did I mention I baked cookies? Yeah… peanut butter with dark chocolate morsels. Is your mouth watering? I’m about to dig into some with a glass of almond milk while Della Janey naps through the ruckus. (Yay for that, by the way!) I’ll post the recipe some time next week for all ya’ll. Until then… 🙂

Happy weekend, friends! Enjoy this beautiful weather!

Amy, xo.