The easter bunny left 6 little eggs in Della’s room for her to find when she woke up. Each one filled with her very favorite special snacks: trail mix, goldfish, and homemade mini marshmallows (thanks, mom!) She got a kick out of finding the eggs, but would much rather just shove all the contents they had right into her mouth – so funny!

Special treats left on the kitchen table. Trail mix for Dan. And a basket of goodies for the Della girl.

We spent our afternoon soaking up the sun at the park (what a gorgeous day!) We took a light lunch and some snacks along, too. And obviously there was skateboarding 😉

We had such a low-key and relaxing day and I loved every minute of it. No rushing around to greet people or agendas to stick to. I made my very first holiday dinner (which I was extremely proud of myself for!) We stuffed our faces and then tuckered out on the couch to watch The Lion King. I can only hope every Easter follows in this way. After that relaxing day and having Dan home for a whole week, I feel so renewed and refreshed and ready to take on the beautiful months to come!

Amy, xo.