This girl is my sunshine. She has brought me more happiness in the last week and a half, when I thought there was none to be found. My sweet sunshine will be two in a month. TWO. As we laid in bed this morning snuggling, I couldn’t help but stare at her and be so thankful for this darling little spirit that was put into my life two years ago. She is the most lovable thing. She’ll go up to other little ones on the playground, diving in for hugs without hesitation. She’ll greet everyone that passes her by in the grocery store with a “hi!” or “heeey!”. She is just so full of pure joy and innocence, it’s contagious.

We’ve made a lot of changes and adjustments in the last 6 months and she’s followed right alongside us without skipping a beat – all the while in the process of potting training! This girl amazes me. Sure, we have our daily struggles – she has her mother’s strong personality, after all. But she is constantly soaking up so much knowledge and her already lovable charisma only seems to grow.

If I could bottle up the “bess you, momma’s” after I sneeze and the “hol my han, momma’s”, to replay over and over, I would.

There is nothing too sad or bleak that this little girl can’t turn into happiness. I am so very thankful for the past two years I’ve had with her, and can’t imagine the joy she will bring us in the years to come…

Amy, xo.