Dan looked at me the other night and said, “How did we get this lucky?” We sat there, just taking in our new surroundings and seriously pondering that thought. How? What did we do to get to this point? We’re 23. We own our own home; own both of our cars. We have a beautiful daughter (who is constantly challenging us, but couldn’t be a sweeter little soul) with another baby on the way. I stay at home. Dan is a first-year high school teacher. We live comfortably. We treat ourselves to nice things from time to time. How? How did we get here?

Most people who take full advantage of the world we live in today would expect us to be struggling, and although I may not know exactly why the universe decided to give us this great fortune we’ve so happily welcomed into our lives, I will tell you one thing I know for sure: We are not struggling. We are undoubtedly fulfilled.

I am feeling beyond grateful this afternoon. Sometimes when I walk around this house I have to do a double-take. Is this place really ours? When is someone going to barg through the front door and take our keys?! Just pinch me already!

But in all honesty, however we got to this point, I am so very thankful. This life of mine (and heart) is over-flowingly full.

Amy, xo.