This post will be short and it will lack one big characteristic I like about this little ol’ blog of mine: Positivity. So please, don’t hold it against me. I just need a minute to be honest.

We are not moving on Wednesday.

We’ve hit yet another speed bump in this long road of becoming homeowners. We’re not able to settle on the house this week as we had hoped due to issues with our loan processor. I am bitter. I am frustrated. And most importantly, I’m ready to stop living out of cardboard boxes.

I still have one little inkling of hope left inside me (it’s hard to find at the moment, but I know it’s in there… somewhere…)

So there you have it. When and if we ever move into this home, you better believe the whole world will know about it. But for now I am stressed, so you can find me in the kitchen… digging through boxes for muffin tins and measuring cups. I’ll be baking my worries away.

Amy, xo.