Last week I asked Dan what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he requested french toast. Go figure. ( 😉 ) Since then, I was racking my brain for fun and out of the ordinary things he might like to go with it — I think birthdays need to be exceptionally special. You only celebrate them one day out of the year, and it’s the one day you get to do whatever you want (well, mostly) and be showered with attention and love. I mean, who doesn’t love that?!

Della and I grabbed all the components for the perfect birthday dinner turned cafe style brunch: A huge loaf of french bread, thick sliced bacon, mangos and blackberries, cream for fresh whipped cream, and can’t forget orange juice and prosecco (Mimoas!). We also picked up a couple treats from Lola’s because what’s a birthday party without sweets?! Oh — and can’t forget the party hats!

Frozen blackberries make great ice cubes!

Dan snuck out front with his longboard to skate, while we played records and continued to stuff our faces. I’d say we all had a blast.

Amy, xo.

(Please excuse the poor quality of the photos. There’s no such thing as natural light at 6PM in this house.)