I’m sitting in bed this morning, soaking up the sun that’s pouring into the window, drinking my coffee. No babe begging for yogurt and a bagel. No husband running out the door for work. Just me and my thoughts.

Yesterday we got some pretty discouraging news about the house we’re supposed to settle on at the end of this month. This whole process has been stressful, emotional, and exciting — all at the same time, as it should be. But after weeks of daydreaming of what this house could be for us. What we could make of it. How we would grow there. I had a breakdown last night.

My heart is broken. But we will make the most of this situation and we will come out of it okay. Actually, better than okay! We’ll be happy with wherever this life of ours is leading us. If this house isn’t meant to be, then there’s another home with our name on it, that’s even more perfect for us — we just haven’t stumbled upon it quite yet.

I have my husband to thank for bringing me back to center. For easing my constantly impatient and worried mind. He always has a way of doing that and I love him for it.

This circumstance does not and will not define us.

Amy, xo.