Most mornings I wake up earlier than I’d like. I’m mid dream. I’m warm. I’m in a position I will never (can you hear the exaggeration?) be able to comfortably find again. I’ve learned to adjust to this new routine within the past 20 months. (Slowly, yes — but surely.) Something I haven’t quite adjusted to? The new found attitude and temper of my almost-two-year old. Lately I’ve found myself slowly defeating to this dreaded age’s scheme. But this morning, as I sat at our kitchen table sipping my coffee and taking in our everyday, I realized — I don’t have to succumb to her new ‘tude. If I talk a little softer. If I comprise a little sooner. If I help her find a more useful alternative, we can both benefit in a positive way.

So, here’s to the terrible two’s! …and to takin’ ’em down!

Amy, xo.